Light Fixtures
When the sun sets and you still haven’t gotten enough of your beautiful outdoor living spaces, our lighting fixtures are perfect for what you’re looking for. Low-voltage outdoor lighting serves several important purposes in your landscaping. Outdoor lighting fixtures enhances the overall look of your property, increases property safety, illuminates walkways and patios, and showcases the beauty of your home to you and your friends while you enjoy a late night out by the fire. 

What our landscape service can do for you!

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If you would like a quote from a landscape designer, please contact us!


Whether you are looking for a facelift to your current landscaping, looking to completely re-do your outdated landscape design, or you have a brand new home that you want to start a project at, Franz Nursery is here to help! With a knowledgeable team that has over 100 years of combined landscaping experience, we have the ability to make your landscape project thrive through all four seasons, while adding immense beauty to your outdoor living spaces. Come to Franz Nursery to make your house turn into a home through our beautiful landscape designs

Once the design has been completed and the contract has been signed, your project will be added to the schedule to be completed. With the skills and knowledge of our landscape crews, we know what plants thrive, what precautions to take to guarantee healthy plants, and how to ensure your home will be looking beautiful with a limited amount of maintenance.

The grass is always greener on the other side, right? Well perhaps because they have irrigation! Irrigation is essential to a healthy, green yard. At Franz Nursery we offer complete irrigation for new and existing irrigation systems. For new systems, we provide full installation and start-up. Irrigation promotes plush, healthy lawns with worry-free hydration.

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Whether you already have a mind full of ideas, or have no idea where to start, we have professional designers who are here to help! Simply call our office, fill out a cliental lead under the “contact us” section on our website, or to get started on a design now. A design specialist will make a complimentary visit to your property to discuss what ideas you have in mind and will get started from there. Through the talents of our design specialists, landscape employees, and your creative mind, your property will catch the eye of everyone in town.


Franz Nursery offers a full service landscape maintenance service to meet all of our customer’s needs. Whether you are looking for landscape maintenance for your pruning, fertilizing, top dressing, or irrigation maintenance, Franz's experienced staff is eager to fulfill your needs.